Guía para descargar datos de PG&E

Puede hacer esto en una computadora o en un teléfono inteligente (consulte las instrucciones para teléfonos al final) Regístrese para obtener una cuenta de PG&E en línea si aún no tiene una Para crear una cuenta en línea, necesitará: Su

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Save Rooftop Solar in California

What we need: Outreach to Gov Newsom: calls, tweets (scroll down for example tweets), pressure from other electeds Letters to the Editor and OpEds Outreach to Elected Officials, asking them to join in the campaign to protect solar Have your

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Yes on Proposition 30 11/1/22

Gasoline cars are going the way of Kodak cameras, but will they go away fast enough to avoid climate catastrophe?  Proposition 30 will expedite EV adoption with EV and charging subsidies, funded by a small increase in taxes for those

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July 2022 Update 7/1/22

We’d be remiss not to mention the Supreme Court curbing the EPA’s authority to establish carbon emissions caps… however the top line we want folks to remember is that the EPA can still regulate fine particulate matter and other dangerous

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Save Solar Update 4/7/22

We Need to Keep Up the Pressure! Up for an adventure? Show up at the CPUC tomorrow (Thursday April 7) at 11 am *This is the first in-person opportunity to speak since the pandemic started. Public commenters will speak before

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We still have time to keep solar strong in California 1/26/22

Despite what the utilities are saying, rooftop solar benefits all ratepayers, creating affordable and more reliable power for us all. The CA Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC’s) new proposed rules would be the highest in the US!! while decreasing compensation for excess power going

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