Yes on Proposition 30 11/1/22

Gasoline cars are going the way of Kodak cameras, but will they go away fast enough to avoid climate catastrophe?  Proposition 30 will expedite EV adoption with EV and charging subsidies, funded by a small increase in taxes for those with incomes over $2 million.  Of course, if you like gas car’s noise, exhaust, slow acceleration, oil changes, auto repairs, high fuel costs and climate disruption, you still have a few years to choose to pollute.  For the rest of us, Prop 30 will help us go electric, and pave the way for clean air and a healthy future.  

350 Bay Area’s Transportation team urges you to Vote Yes on Prop 30

Prop 30 will provide stable long-term state funding to speed the shift to electric transportation.  We know that simply switching over to EVs will not solve the problem on its own: we also need more dense development in already developed areas, affordable and reliable public transit, and safer roads for bike riders and pedestrians. In addition to that, electric vehicles are an essential component to reducing emissions that harm our health and our climate. Here is a fact sheet on this proposition. 

Why is Governor Newsom opposed to Prop 30? Politics are complicated. The Sacramento Bee points to some overlap between the Governor’s major donors and big money working to fight Prop 30. The LA Times’ Sammy Roth examines the issues in his Boiling Point article.  It’s not a surprise that major monied interests are against anything that raises their taxes. The fact that rideshare drivers will benefit from extra incentives also muddies the political waters – but cleaner cars benefit everyone, and individual drivers will benefit from lower maintenance and fuel costs. 

Sign your ballot and Vote Yes on Prop 30!