Just and Clean Transportation

We are speeding the shift to carbon-free, affordable, safe and accessible mobility for everyone.

350 Bay Area aims to eliminate greenhouse gasses from transportation in California, and the SF Bay Area in particular. To do this we need to reduce car use by supporting transit, bikes, walking, and transit oriented land use, and we need to convert all remaining vehicles to electric–cars, trucks, buses, trains and ships too! (We’re not sure how to deal with airplanes yet, but take the train if you can!)

The State’s target date of 2035 to stop the sale of gas cars, while admirable, is too late to achieve the State’s goals of 40% GHG reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2045. We need to end the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles ASAP, and no later than 2030.

Agencies such as MTC and CalTrans have not taken significant steps to help meet this State law and the State goal, but in 2021 and 2022 the Governor has allocated state budget surplus money for EVs (trucks, buses, and cars) – funding we’ve been waiting for since California passed SB 32 in 2016. This is a huge opportunity! We need to make sure this gets implemented effectively.

  • Electrify vehicles of all types — cars, trucks, buses, ferries
  • Enact complete streets policies for safe mobility
  • Support smart dense development
  • Support charging infrastructure, especially for apartments and residents without garages
  • Expand just, affordable, convenient on-time public transit

Transportation Monthly Meeting

Transportation is the Bay Area’s biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions – and emissions are expected to increase again as travel increases and transit ridership remains low. Localities, even those that have declared a climate emergency, are not meeting their climate goals. Join us to work on electrifying transportation, supporting charging infrastructure, cleaner trucks, and providing safe, clean, cheap, convenient on-time transit for everyone.

Success Story

California to Stop Selling Gas Cars by 2035

The Governor’s Executive Order (September, 2021) to phase out the sale of gas cars by 2035 was a win. the Governor’s Executive Order (September, 2021) to phase out the sale of gas cars by 2035 was a win. The California Assembly had failed to pass even a bill to set the date at 2040, which 350 Bay Area had been advocating for (even though we knew it was too late, at least it was something). Now we are campaigning to move the 2035 date up since it is also too late; we need policy that matches the science but every new target is still a positive step forward.

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Just and Clean Transportation

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