Accelerate the Fossil Fuel Endgame

We are accelerating the fossil fuel endgame and achieving a just and equitable transition.

Fossil fuel pollution and climate disasters are already disrupting millions of lives. We need a world beyond fossil fuels: a world in which workers’ rights, community health, and our shared climate come before corporate profits. So-called alternative fuels promoted by the fossil fuel industry are also GHG-intensive and pollution-heavy. The fossil fuel endgame is to Stop, Swap and Protect (explained right).

Our people power is our biggest asset. Once we have enough people in our communities (including you) demanding the end of the fossil fuel era it will be inevitable.

    Stop: New Drilling / New Natural Gas Lines / New Gas Stations

    Swap: Gas Cars with EVs, public transit, and bikes / Natural Gas with Electricity in Homes

    Protect: Public Health / Frontline Communities / Rate-payers Jobs & Workers

      Success Story

      Richmond Phases Out Fossil Fuel Exports

      In January of 2020 the Richmond city council passed an historic land use ordinance gradually phasing out the storage and handling of coal and poisonous petroleum coke and relying on the city’s legal authority to protect its residents.  This meant that Richmond would no longer be the source of one-fourth of West Coast coal exports to Asian markets and its children would be able to breathe a little easier.  After the passage of this ordinance, the Levin-Richmond Terminal, Phillips 66 and Wolverine Fuels sued the City of Richmond. But the ordinance held!  The settlement postpones until 2026 a full phase-out of coal and petcoke at the terminal, but in the meantime it provides significant mitigation measures to reduce dust and ends the five pending lawsuits against the city.

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      Accelerate The Fossil Fuel Endgame

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      Accelerate The Fossil Fuel Endgame

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