Save Solar Update 4/7/22

We Need to Keep Up the Pressure!

Up for an adventure? Show up at the CPUC tomorrow (Thursday April 7) at 11 am
*This is the first in-person opportunity to speak since the pandemic started. Public commenters will speak before call-ins.
* Commenting is quick and easy – you can use our talking points to craft your short comment
* The address is 505 Van Ness in San Francisco, and you will be in good company: we expect many coalition members to be there 

Call, Write, Tweet to Governor Newsom!
Call and leave a message at (916) 445-2841
Email or Send a Letter to Newsom! Email here. Print, sign, stamp and send to 1021 O Street, Suite 9000 Sacramento, CA 95814
Tweet to @GavinNewsom

Here is a sample short script, for suggested email and Twitter scripts and more background information, see our cool Toolkit!

“This is ___ from ____. Please take action to stop utilities’ profit grab and ask the CPUC to propose new rules that support the continued growth of rooftop solar, which studies show is the fastest route to 100% affordable, reliable, and clean energy. Rooftop solar benefits all ratepayers, and is essential to meeting California’s clean energy goals and speeding the shift to an affordable and reliable grid, and cleaner air for everyone.”

Considering Rooftop Solar for Your Home?
Solar panel and battery costs have come down significantly in recent years. The benefits remain substantial: power available during outages, contributing to our clean energy future, and even charging an EV directly from the sun. As you evaluate your options, consider getting a quote from Earthwise Energy, a leading solar provider in the Bay Area and a long time supporter of climate action and 350 Bay Area. When you purchase an Earthwise Energy solar system, Earthwise will give you a $1,000 rebate, AND will donate $1,000 to 350 Bay Area in your name. Everybody wins! Request a free solar consultation here. 

We appreciate you and your dedication to a just and clean energy future,.

Laura, Sahm, Claire, and Ken for the 350 Bay Area Clean Energy team 

PS: Check out our fun and lively Earth Month Program for April 2022. Hope to see you at some or all of these events! PPS: Support our work here! Support 350 Bay Area   
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