July 2022 Update 7/1/22

We’d be remiss not to mention the Supreme Court curbing the EPA’s authority to establish carbon emissions caps… however the top line we want folks to remember is that the EPA can still regulate fine particulate matter and other dangerous pollutants instead, which go hand-in-hand with emissions. Supporting Executive Orders from President Biden can also make a huge impact, which is why we’ve joined the People vs Fossil Fuels coalition demanding exactly that.

Join in This Summer There’s still reason to be cautiously optimistic… but you can help move the needle toward a livable climate.

Help out the Climate Action Resource Library (CARL), a project working to make jobs more climate-friendly. Join a 30-minute session on sustainability at work on either:Wednesday, July 20th at 5:30pm  Register HERE to “Green Your Job”or Saturday, July 30th at 11:00am  Register HERE to “Green Your Job” Image by kyle.tucker95Attend the Summer Picnic to meet the staff and volunteers, have fun, and get plugged into the action yourself. There will be snacks, art, music and more. We hope to see you at Alamo Square Park in San Francisco on Saturday, August 20th – RSVP here. Swing by anytime 11am-3pm; and you’ll also get to see the Painted Ladies!

Big Plans in Progress

Image by Jade Northrop

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the big projects we’re working on:

We are mobilizing this summer and through the fall, we will be in the streets here in the Bay Area and in Sacramento! Get ready to mobilze as we respond to SCOTUS and prepare for the election season. Join in Sacramento on August 13th – register today. Can’t make August? Sign up here for alerts about future climate actions across the state!

And, to call massive attention to the rapacious and cynical fossil fuel companies, 350 Bay Area is in the beginning stages of organizing a People’s Tribunal, putting a major oil player on public trial early next year. There will be expert witnesses, oiligarchs held to account, and lots of art and creativity abounding. If you’re interested in pitching in on the planning, email us and we’ll get you in the loop. We are working on a nationwide collaboration on this project, with other big US based 350 groups; stay tuned! Big plans in progress; we hope you join the action!Big plans in progress; we hope you join the action!

Your 350BA Team

Support this critical work

PS Want to cool the planet, lower your electric bill AND benefit 350 Bay Area? Consider going solar with Earthwise Energy. Earthwise Energy owner, Jason Hamilton, will give you $1,000 off the cost of your system AND donate $1,000 to 350 Bay Area when your installation is complete. Schedule a free estimate!

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