Why #StopCopCity Has Lasting Implications for Environmental and Social Activists Everywhere

Image from Stop Cop City Solidarity This past week, thousands have gathered from across the country to join the community defending Atlanta and its Weelaunee forest from the construction of “Cop City” – a massive 85-acre, $90 million urban warfare police training facility. Protests have come to a head after a Georgia State Trooper shot and killed forest defender Manuel (Tortuguita) Terán on January 18th. This fight lies at the

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Help Protect Rooftop Solar at the CPUC 6/23/21

Help stop continuing efforts to undermine rooftop solar! Small rooftop and community solar projects help stabilize the grid, and are a critical component for California’s safe, clean, resilient, and affordable energy future – increasing rooftop solar benefits everyone on the

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