We’re still fighting the utilities’ profit grab 1/12/22

The CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has proposed a set of new rules which would set punishingly high monthly fees – the highest in the US!! – and decreased compensation for excess generation from rooftop solar systems. This will stop all but the most wealthy from installing rooftop systems that provide predictable low energy costs and backup power. Governor Newsom has gotten the message that the proposed rules are damaging to our future; we have a narrow window to keep his attention focused on revising the proposal.

Rooftop Solar Benefits Everyone! Multiple in-depth studies have shown that including extensive rooftop solar brings system costs down for everyone, saving all ratepayers hundreds per year, while also improving system stability and resilience. The utility compensation model favors big centralized generation with lots of poles and wires. No wonder they want to stop rooftop solar buildout!

Come to the Rally tomorrow, Jan 13, at 11am in SF: We’re gathering at Civic Center Plaza, 335 McAllister St. Details here.

Call the Governor:  916-445-2841. Leave a message that you support rooftop solar, the fastest path to a clean energy grid; and are against punishing fees and drastically reduced compensation for excess power. More talking points in this toolkit

Hand-write a letter to the Governor! Real letters are rare and get noticed. Send to: 1021 O Street, Suite 9000 Sacramento, CA 95814Write a letter to the editor of your local paper! Use the toolkit to craft a short letter to the editor. Letters to the editor are followed closely by our elected officials.

Post to social media! Ideas (and there are more in the toolkit):

Rooftop solar benefits *all* ratepayers by lowering costs & increasing resilience! Low and middle households account for almost 50% of installed systems w more coming as costs drop. We need rooftop solar for the fastest route to clean, affordable, resilient energy @GavinNewsomThe lynchpin of energy justice is affordable, reliable energy. Rooftop solar provides exactly that. Stop the #UtilityProfitGrab @GavinNewsom

The fastest path to 100% Clean Energy in California depends on rooftop solar. California will not achieve its climate goals without continued growth of small rooftop and community solar installations.  Demand good, local jobs, and a clean, affordable, safe and resilient 21st century grid that strengthens and protects our communities.


Thanks for taking action,- Laura, Sahm and Claire for the Clean Energy Team

PS Spread the word and get your friends, neighbors, coworkers to take action! And keep up the calls and letters 🙂 
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