New Rules at the CPUC Threaten Rooftop Solar 11/9/21

Big utilities like PG&E see rooftop solar as a threat to the big, guaranteed returns they make on large transmission projects, so they want to make it impossibly expensive. The CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is considering new rules allowing outrageously high monthly fees and decreased compensation for excess generation for residential and commercial solar systems. Send a message to Governor Newsom and the CPUC to STOP the utility power grab.

The fastest path to 100% Clean Energy in California depends on rooftop solar… Send this letter right away to demand a modernized, flexible grid that powers good jobs and small businesses and keeps our communities clean and safe. Power from the sun should belong to everyone.

Help Reach the Statewide Goal of 100,000 Public Comments by November 20th!

Thanks for taking action,

– Ken and Laura for the Clean Energy Team

PS Read more about this initiative here:

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