Message to Mother Earth

April 22, 2024
Dear Earthlings,
Happy Earth Day!  
Thanks for asking how I’m doing! (Link to your letter.) I appreciate the hard work 350 Bay Area is doing to get rid of carbon pollution. 
You probably know that I’ve been here for 4 billion years, and I’ve seen lots of changes. So you don’t need to worry about me. But all the people and creatures from whales to birds and bees to plankton in the current ecosystem are really looking to you for help.
Keep up the good work! And I do encourage all your followers to chip in now to meet the 350 Bay Area fundraising goal this week.
Good luck!

Mother Earth

April 19, 2024

Dear Mother Earth,

How are you doing as we approach Earth Day? We know we humans have been treating you poorly, but we at 350 Bay Area are trying to help clean up the mess. 2023 was the hottest year ever for civilization and 2024 looks to be even hotter. And all that air pollution from burning coal, gas and oil is a global disaster. We are so sorry.
We do want you to know that we’re asking all our fellow earthlings to support us this Earth Week…

We urgently need $20,000 to support the Clean Air work of 350 Bay Area, 350 Bay Area Action, and the 350 Bay Area Local Groups.

It takes $$$ to fight the power of oil, gas and coal companies: It takes $1,000 to train six youth volunteers for six months to become climate advocates. It takes $6,000 to provide affordable air purifiers for sixty low income households. It takes $50,000 to push for affordable, clean, and reliable electricity for the next five months, which are critical.
So we wish you a happy Earth Week. And we hope the 350 Bay Area community follows with a donation to the Earth Week Fundraiser to keep all this critical work going and support all our local groups: 350 Sonoma, 350 Marin, 350 East Bay, 350 SF, 350 Contra Costa, 350 Silicon Valley and Napa Climate Now!
Donate to 350 Bay Area Today

Love and appreciation,
The 350 Bay Area Staff, Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

P.S. If you don’t need a tax deduction please donate to 350 Bay Area Action, our legislative, lobbying and election endorsement sister organization,