End Toxic Air Pollution

We are ending toxic air pollution, prioritizing the heavily impacted front-line communities.

Every step of the fossil fuel supply chain adds dangerous pollutants to our air, which kill and cause chronic health issues in our communities. Yes, even in the Bay Area! Our work – speeding the transition to clean energy in transportation and buildings while ushering in the end of the fossil fuel era – results in dramatically cleaner air. As 350 Bay Area works to reduce emissions locally and beyond, our work prioritizes the heavily impacted front-line communities.

  • Target and reduce deadly particulate matter pollution
  • Eliminate diesel pollution
  • Establish setbacks from fossil fuel drilling and fracking sites

Success Story

Air District Passes Strongest Regulation on Refineries

In July 2021 the Air District Board voted in favor of rule 6-5, the rule requiring refineries to clean up their air pollution. The rule will likely require the Chevron Richmond and PBF refineries to install “wet gas scrubbing” technology on their worst polluting units. This technology is already in widespread use at a majority of refineries across the country – and now finally the Bay Area as well. This is a BIG deal, as it is the strongest regulation on refinery pollution, and many activists have worked hard to make this happen. It’s been a years’ long coalition effort, but organizing works. The health and environmental justice arguments and dogged appeals to each board member (finally) paid off. Read more here

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