Electric Vehicle (EV) sales soared in 2022 according to the California Energy Commission (CEC)

The CEC reports that 19% of new vehicle sales in California in 2022 were EVs. This is up an amazing 50% from the 12% of sales in 2021.

The Bay Area leads the way with 30% of all new auto sales being EVs! Bragging rights go to Santa Clara County with 34%.

The zero emission future for cars is coming fast. Cars produce about 70% of the climate pollution from transportation in California, and transportation produces about half of California’s GHGs. These reductions matter, and have come faster than expected.

We do have to recognize that there are big hurdles to eliminate fossil fuels from gas cars in particular and transportation in general. People in apartments need to have access to chargers, and the price of EVs needs to come down to make them more affordable. And trucks, buses, trains, and ships all need to operate on clean electricity and/or clean hydrogen fuel cells. And we still need to figure out how to deal with aviation!

It’s also clear that we need to expand options for people to travel affordably without a car in order to meet our climate goals: denser development, accessible and efficient public transit, and safe routes for walkers and wheelers of all types.

Let’s celebrate the encouraging news about EV sales, and use that to spur us on to a zero emission transportation system (including lots more walking, biking and transit!) and a clean energy economy.

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