Better World, Brighter Future

350 Bay Area has worked for 11 years to create a better world and a brighter future at the nexus of people power, policy, and eliminating emissions. We deeply believe we can achieve our goals by building a powerful social movement right here in California…

Social Movements Win

Social and environmental movements have used the power of the people to overthrow dictators, enact environmental protections, fight for workers’ rights, and much more. There’s a long history of success. 350 Bay Area is growing the climate movement: together, we can confront the big-monied fossil fuel industry and its enablers. We are getting policies passed to reduce dangerous emissions and tipping the balance towards a just and clean energy future.

California Is Poised for Success

California is a cultural and economic powerhouse with a legislative supermajority, and as such the policies we pass get copied across the country. Take our ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, for example. California’s outsized sway has impacted the entire US auto market, with 17 other states following our lead already.

350 Bay Area Influences Public Opinion and Decision Makers

Our movement targets policy makers and the media. We uplift and amplify the voices of regular people, people working and living their lives in the shadow of the climate crisis and other deadly impacts from fossil fuels. 350 Bay Area shapes the climate narrative, demanding smart policy that Ends Fossil Fuels and speeds the shift to a just, clean energy future. See our extensive press coverage here.

Shape the Climate Narrative and Reach 3.5%

Our 200+ volunteers are supported by a small staff, all of us working together to speed the shift to a just clean energy world. We are encouraged by the work of Erica Chenoweth, Political Scientist and Harvard Professor, who tells us that once a social movement reaches 3.5% of a population participates meaningfully, it is bound to succeed.

Add fertilizer to the fern! 🌱Please donate today to help us grow bigger, and faster.

The Bay Area is a model for climate action, action that’s copied across the country and even the world, but we need your help to amplify our voices. This is our chance. NOW is the time to end fossil fuel production and switch to a just, clean energy economy! Please support this critical climate work with a donation today.

With great appreciation,

~Your 350 Bay Area Team

P.S. Thank you for pitching in where you can, and for your work keeping climate action in the conversation.