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Together we’re taking a stand and pushing decision makers to take action. We elected them; they need to know how best to represent us. It’s is one of the oldest and most effective means for making change. Let’s take action together now!

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Call or email your representatives to support zero-emission school buses


Why EV buses?

  • Good for taxpayers: electricity costs less than a third than gasoline costs;
  • EV also require cheaper repair costs EV buses always have adequate battery ranges
  • Help with the local environment and contribute to slowing down climate change

This bill would require, commencing January 1, 2035, 100% of all newly purchased or contracted school buses of a school district, county office of education, or charter school to be zero-emission vehicles

Call or email your representative in the State Assembly to support AB 579 TODAY!


“Hi, this is (Name) at (address). I ask for your support of Senate Bill 579 that will help provide a healthier and safer natural worlds for current and future generations.”

Contra Costa County

Email your supervisor: Support the Funding of Critical Programs


Email the Contra Costa County Supervisors to ask they allocate funding for an African American Holistic Wellness & Resource Center, Tenant Legal Services like rental assistance, and legal services for our immigrant community!  

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