Ask your Oakland City Council Members to Require All Electric New Buildings 11/30/20

We are excited that tomorrow, Dec. 1, the Oakland City Council will consider adopting a New Building Electrification Ordinance.  If you haven’t already done so, please let them know you support this effort to reduce Oakland’s greenhouse gas emissions and improve indoor health for residents. 

: Oakland ECAP

Oakland’s City Council adopted the Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) in July of this year after extensive community engagement; this ordinance is one of the first actions the City Council can take to implement this bold Plan.  Oakland will join San Francisco, Berkeley and 39 other cities in the Bay Area and beyond by taking this important step towards reducing greenhouse gases, improving safety, spurring local jobs, and ensuring cleaner air.  

We know that some opponents are gearing up to submit letters or speak on the item during public comment. We need to demonstrate that there is widespread support and that people care enough about the issue to make their voices heard.

Here are 3 things you can do to encourage the Council to take action:

We will have a new website up soon for more information about this ordinance and how to stay involved!  Oakland’s goal is to electrify all buildings by 2040–that will take a lot of us pulling together to make it happen!

Our sponsoring Councilmembers believe that we need strong public support in order to overcome expected opposition.

Thank you for being on the team–let’s make this happen! 

Jack Lucero Fleck and Yousef Al-Shomaimri 

on behalf of the 350 Oakland Hub team and 350 East Bay