46 Days of Action Week 3

Today is the start of Black History Month and we recognize that our movement has to reckon with its role in furthering systemic oppression. There remain parts of the movement that are still cutting Black environmentalists out of the picture to tell a narrative that serves the status quo.However, we are seeing more environmental groups working to intentionally cultivate a more inclusive movement where we ask ourselves: Are we taking up spaceIs our movement rooted in justice?Our theme for this week’s 46 Days of Action is delegitimizing natural gas, where we focus on the severe health impacts of methane gas: from well head to combustion, methane gas is toxic and dangerous, and disproportionately impacts the health and lives of People of Color. We hope you join us in taking the actions listed below this week!Week 3 Theme: Natural Gas is Killing Us

Mon, TODAY 2/1   KNOW that methane gas is not just a potent greenhouse gas contributing mightily to the climate crisis, it has dangerous health impacts all along the supply chain, releasing health harming emissions from production to storage to distribution, and use. Burning methane gas indoors produces PM matter and other health harming gases that are trapped in our buildings, contributing to asthma and other lung ailments, heart disease and strokes, and even dementia. It’s time to end the madness of expanding the infrastructure that makes all this damage possible. READ the full blog here. WATCH the video overview here.

Tues, 2/2 at 12pm  TUNE IN to the 350 Bay Area Parents’ Chat: Natural Gas in Homes – What to Know & What to Do RSVP here to get gas out of homes!

Weds, 2/3 at 6:30pm  ATTEND our Myth Busting Webinar about Induction Cooking with Sean Armstrong from Redwood Electric. REGISTER here to get gas out of restaurants!

Thurs, 2/4 from 6pm – 8pm  BAAQMD (Air District) is hosting a public workshop on regulating particulate matter and particulate emissions from petroleum refinery Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (“cat crackers” or FCCUs), which are some of the largest individual sources of particulate matter emissions in the San Francisco Bay Area. ATTEND and SPEAK UP for the need for better equipment and regulation. Join via web browser: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85296925189  Meeting ID: 852 9692 5189

Fri, 2/5  ASK the California Energy Commission, the CEC, to require all electric new buildings as part of their next building code release. SIGN here to get gas out of new building construction!

Sat, 2/6  MAKE a personal change:
REDUCE emissions from your energy use with a few quick clicks and STEP UP to the cleanest energy program from your community energy provider.
GET PAID for energy you don’t use during critical peak periodsSIGN UP for OhmConnect here. Note that this is a referral link from our Executive Director. Any referral bonuses will be contributed to her favorite charity (spoiler: it’s 350 Bay Area).

Other Actions
Sun, 1/31  SHARE this toolkit link for the 46 Days of Action.
Our youth leaders celebrating YOU taking ACTION
Solidarity Actions Tues, 2/2 4pm WATCH the livestream 100 Days for Climate, Jobs, and Justice: Winning the THRIVE Agenda.
Weds, 2/3 from 6pm – 8pm Envision Contra Costa is hosting a series of workshops on various topics to discuss Environmental Justice as part of the Contra Costa General Plan update.
Thurs, 2/4 National Transit Equity Day HONOR Rosa Parks and the Fight for Transit Equity by Joining the Community Hearing on Transit Equity  If you are taking public transit today, TAKE a picture of yourself on your ride, your destination or your route and reply to this email to share your story with us.

Keep it up!
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