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Save Rooftop Solar in California

What we need: Outreach to Gov Newsom: calls, tweets (scroll down for example tweets), pressure from other electeds Letters to the Editor and OpEds Outreach to Elected Officials, asking them to join in the campaign to protect solar Have your

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Tell US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to Stop Offshore Oil Export Terminals


As U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg oversees the Maritime Administration, and has the authority to reject permits for four major offshore crude oil export terminals that have been proposed off the Gulf Coast.  

To protect our climate and our communities from catastrophe, we need Secretary Buttigieg and the Maritime Administration to act NOW to STOP fossil fuel companies from building these massive new facilities.  

It’s time to stop making the Gulf Coast a sacrifice zone for the fossil fuel industry, subjecting whole communities to serious safety risks, and extreme air and water pollution.  People living near oil and gas facilities often experience increased rates of asthma, respiratory disease, cancers, and other chronic illnesses.

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Federal Legislation: Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax Senate Bill 3802

Call Script for Senator Dianne Feinstein

“Oil companies are jacking up gas prices in the United State, using the horrific war in Ukraine as an excuse. This is war profiteering. Please co-sponsor the Big Oil Windfall Profits Act- Senate Bill 3802 by Senator Whitehouse to prevent oil companies from making money off the suffering of the Ukrainian people and to protect American consumers from price-gouging.”

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Call Senator Feinstein’s office at 415-393-0707


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