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Build the Movement

We are building an multi-generational people-powered climate movement.

Our youth-led Mobilizing Team brings urgency and creativity to local action that raises awareness about the seriousness of the climate crisis and builds support for specific solutions.

Our now seven local groups focus on city and county policies that reduce emissions, like blocking permits for new gas stations and getting all-electric building code ordinances passed. This team of over 75 volunteers works each week leading efforts to get policies passed in the legislature, in state and regional agencies, and in city councils and county boards.

People power is our biggest asset. We are activating thousands to demand specific climate action. Every bit of progress gets us closer to a safe, healthy, thriving post-carbon future. Clean air, water and soil, and a stable climate are our basic rights, and worth fighting for.

  • Build a multi-generational group working to raise general awareness via actions, art and other outreach; building momentum by advocating for specific solutions
  • Support young voices to call out the fossil fuel industry – “fossil fuels are killing us”
  • Work in coalition with People vs Fossil Fuels, Last Chance Alliance, Sunflower Alliance and other climate justice groups
  • Activate thousands to take action through protests, demonstrations and  community action events – like our Power Zaps – RSVP below

Get Involved

Join the Team

This movement needs everyone. Sign up to get alerts and get active and have fun with 350BA.

Monthly Climate Action Meeting

Monthly Climate Action Meeting – Great for new and seasoned folks! The 350 Bay Area monthly meetings are an online event for people to get plugged in and charged up


Get Trained Up

We recommend this excellent training on How Social Movements Win by 350.org. The training takes about 30 minutes and may cause inspiration!

Press Coverage

Success Story

Youth-Led Mobilizing Team Building Momentum and Young Leaders

Our youth-led Mobilizing Team joined an international day of action to draw attention to the major shortcomings of the 26th Conference of Parties (COP 26). Our youth team built a coalition and led a march through Berkeley to draw attention to how fossil fuel interests had co-opted the global community’s most important negotiating summit for tackling the climate crisis. We drew an intergenerational crowd of roughly 500 to the streets of Berkeley. This action was held in solidarity with frontline communities around the world as well as with direct actions at the doors of the conference in Glasgow. The Mobilizing Team’s creativity and political savvy also drew a significant press and media contingent to the event and our movement demands were featured across print and digital media throughout the Bay Area.Photo from Bay Area News Group coverage by Jose Carlos Fajardo

Meet The Staff Organizers


Zoe Jonick, Lead Organizer (she/her)

As Lead Organizer, Zoe coordinates the Youth-Led Mobilizing Team and 350 Bay Area’s local organizing efforts. She leads the collaboration between 350 Bay Area Local Groups, develops and facilitates campaigns to further our climate and policy goals, and organizes actions in solidarity with our local and national environmental justice networks. Zoe is an Oakland native and a graduate of Wellesley College, and began organizing with 350 Bay Area as a volunteer with the Mobilizing Team in 2021.