Road to a Livable Climate

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Road to a Livable Climate 2022

The science is clear – climate change is here, and it’s not pretty. Droughts, wildfires, storms, floods, sea level rise… you name it. The good news is that we already have the knowledge, and the know-how, to turn the tide toward a more sustainable future.  What is needed is the political will to act.  It will take all of us, working together, to turn this vision into a reality.

Please join us over two fun-filled weekends as we explore the Bay Area by foot and by bicycle across six counties.  Each event will feature inspiring speakers, climate points of interest along the way, a delicious lunch, and prizes.

Your participation will directly support the climate work of 350 Bay Area as well as local groups Napa Climate NOW!, 350 Sonoma, 350Marin, 350 Contra Costa, 350 East Bay, and 350 San Francisco and allied groups.

Basic Registration Fee: $35

  • Join as many events as you’d like!
  • Fundraising goal of $350 – $1,000 per participant to support climate solutions
  • Register and participate to be eligible for swag and prizes at the end of each event
  • Grand prize for the most funds raised
  • Scholarships available (email

Marin Bike Ride

Saturday, June 4

Paradise Loop

Route map starting at Larkspur Landing with fabulous Bay views, rolling hills, wetlands and waterfront with new bicycle infrastructure.

25 mile bike ride, Difficulty rating: 3 (medium), Elevation gain: 1,166 ft

Oakland Walk

Saturday, June 4

Oakland Goes Green

Route map featuring historic Downtown Oakland, adaptive reuse buildings, public transportation,  energy retrofits, and more.

3 mile walk

Napa Walk or Bike Ride

Sunday, June 5

Wine Country Climate Solutions

Walking route map features the Napa Flood Control Project and Oxbow Commons, Fuller Park, green building examples, tree canopy, and infrastructure projects.

Bike route map features the Vine Trail, NVC solar array, healthy buildings, compost facilities, infrastructure projects, and wetlands.

3.5 mile walk or

35 mile bike ride, Difficulty rating: 1 (easy), Elevation gain: 1,166 ft

Sonoma Bike Ride

Sunday, June 5

Accelerating Active Mobility Networks

Route map featuring vineyards, urban and rural bike trails, beautiful countryside, and much more.

41 mile bike ride, Difficulty rating: 2, Elevation gain: 1,349 ft

East Bay Bike Ride

Saturday, June 11

Cleaner Air and Water & Transportation Solutions in the East Bay

Route map featuring Bay Trail, Greenways, Complete Streets, Transportation-Friendly Housing, Lake Merritt and more.

23 mile bike ride, plus optional 10.5 mile extension map, Difficulty rating: 2 (with urban streets), Elevation gain: 450 ft

Three Bay Crossing Bike Ride

Sunday, June 12

Connecting Climate Solutions Across the Bay Area

Route map connected by two bridges and a ferry to connect counties in the Bay Area with fabulous Bay views and waterfront.

36 mile bike ride includes Marin, SF, East Bay, and Contra Costa, plus optional 14 mile extension map to close the loop, Difficulty rating: 3 (medium), Elevation gain: 1,065 ft

Support the Participants

Fundraising Goals: $350 – $1,000 per participant

  • Support Climate Advocacy and Active Transportation!
  • Help your friend, neighbor, or colleague achieve their ride or walk fundraising goals
  • All donations are tax deductible!

Event Partners

As an event partner, you can:

  • Raise visibility of your organization
  • Raise awareness of climate friendly activities, products, services, and issues we all care about
  • Enjoy a 50/50 revenue split for all funds raised by participants who join through your outreach effort

Ask your members, employees or others to ride or walk in a planned event, either individually or as a team

Additional ways to partner with us:

  • Provide in-kind support – e.g., food, bike support, sag wagon
  • Provide gift certificates for participants 
  • Make a donation to sponsor one or more riders/walkers
  • Offer discounts to participants who meet the $350 or $1,000 fundraising challenge
  • Provide speakers and/or literature


The Time is NOW! 

Let’s travel together toward a safe healthy future.