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350 Bay Area’s youth campaign is taking action on climate change. This group meets on a regular basis to discuss how they can use their voices to create effective change. The youth come up with solutions to climate change to bring back to their homes, schools, and communities, as well as actions to implement Bay Area wide.

Currently, our youth coordinator, Carolyn Noor, is helping youth in schools learn how to stop the effort of Phil Tagami, a developer friend of Governor Brown’s, to build an export coal terminal in Oakland.  This terminal would have a tremendous effect on the community the youth live in through coal pollution but also contributes globally to continuing dependence on a fossil fuel that moves all of us much faster to climate chaos.  The  facebook page here, is where you can see more about what they are doing. Protests such as the Zombie one recently are ones they are very active in; more to come.   HERE is a story about one of the youth Carolyn has been working with in these protests


They are very supportive of the extremely significant Youth Climate Lawsuit which moves to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in SF where their arguments will be heard on December 11th.  Important Event – Click Here

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