These are the rules to participate in the 350 Bay Area community with comments, suggestions, etc.  Violation of these simple rules will result in warnings or being banned. We respect free speech, but uncivil online behavior will not be tolerated.

  1. Respect everyone’s time. No spam.

    No spam or commercial promotion. Right? If you have a commercial offer that advances the climate movement, please send your information to

  2. Be civil. No personal attacks.

    Rude language and especially personal attacks will not be tolerated. Surely you can keep your language civil.

  3. One account per person

    350 Bay Area will periodically merge multiple accounts that people inadvertently get from social media, etc.

  4. Consistent with science

    Opinions must have some scientific basis.  350 Bay Area respects free speech, but there are limits within this community. Following the lead of organizations such as The LA Times, 350 Bay Area reserves the right to remove opinions based on clearly false premises, or, in repeated or extreme cases, ban the submitter.  Proclaiming the moon is made of cheese, or that the climate is not warming  — both have no scientific basis and do not serve to advance our group conversation.

  5. No commercial promotion (without 350BA endorsement)

    Sorry, no commercial promotion without 350BA endorsement.  To get endorsement for climate-related business postings (books, apps, enterprises) please send an email to