Many 350 Bay Area supporters know that 350 Bay Area provides financial, institutional, and moral support to Youth Vs Apocalypse (YVA), our youth-led youth climate justice program comprised of a diverse group of young climate justice activists working together to lift the voices of youth, particularly youth of color, to fight for a liveable climate and an equitable, sustainable, and just world. YVA supports youth climate activists, from outreach and education in middle and high schools and community groups, supporting ongoing school-based climate justice clubs, to a regional fellowship program, and a lead circle of dedicated youth leaders.

Did you know that they’re part of the leadership group planning the Climate Strike week starting September 20? Did you know that the Climate Strike week is a global effort to insist on immediate and aggressive action to address the climate crisis so that the youth of today (and tomorrow) will have a livable planet? Youth Vs Apocalypse has planned for an extensive action in San Francisco on September 20, where they will present their demands for action and justice, followed by actions throughout the week. Current plans anticipate a final action at Chevron on September 27. Stay tuned and watch for your 350 Bay Area Newsletter for more details. 

In the meantime, plan to support youth as they insist on action to ensure their futures:

  • Can you take the day off and participate in the general strike? It’s a tough ask for sure, and will make a difference if enough people do it.
  • Can you take a real lunch (for once) and join a local action?
  • Can you spread the word at work? People are not yet fully aware of the dire nature of the climate crisis. One of the most important actions individuals can take is to keep spreading the word, initiating conversations that lead to creating the political will for action. 

We are called to take action: there are few moments in time that have presented us with such a stark fork in the road. One path results in calamity and requires only complacence. The other asks us to answer the call.