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MTC, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, oversees transportation planning, financing, and coordination for the Bay Area.  This means that it has the responsibility to provide the astutely planned, clean powered, seamless transit system the area needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide convenient transportation to all residents at a price they can afford.


We commented on the MTC’s Transportation portion of Plan Bay Area.  Briefly, Plan Bay Area doesn’t cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions enough. The state of California has adopted these GHG emission reduction targets:

·       40% below 1990 levels by 2030

·       80% below those levels by 2050

Transportation is the biggest single source of greenhouse gases (about 40% of the total).  This is a state-mandated goal, and MTC is falling short on its legal responsibility.  The environmental impact report for Plan Bay Area says that to meet the state goal, emissions from transportation need to be 60% below 1990 levels by 2040. But under the plan they will be 35% below those levels – less than halfway to the goal post.  MTC should be a leader in the state and the nation in pledging to make transportation carbon-free.  Read our full comment.




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