Today we recognize around the world the need to promote social justice, which includes efforts to tackle racism, poverty, exclusion, gender inequality and unemployment, and enforce universal human rights and social protections. We know the 350 Bay Area community is here for justice. Restructuring our society to address the climate crisis is a unique opportunity to restructure it for social justice, a chance we won’t miss.

This years’ theme is “Achieving Social Justice through Formal Employment,” which necessitates livable wages for formal employment, along with decent and available jobs. We are hopeful that green energy jobs can be just that, as the Green New Deal would create millions of jobs that pay better too.

The transition away from fossil fuels could be painful for workers if we don’t take appropriate measures. But the fossil fuel labor force also faces immediate challenges. The United Steel Workers at the Bay Area Chevron refinery in Richmond are currently negotiating for a livable wage and better health and safety protections. Chevron has cut back on preventative maintenance, which seriously impacts both workers and community members. This past Tuesday the Richmond City Council unanimously voted to send a letter of support for a fair contract to the Chevron CEO in San Ramon. We are glad to see such support and hope USW wins this fight.

This is how 350 Bay Area is showing up for workers this Social Justice Day

Environmental justice means justice for frontline communities and workers. Extracting and refining in the East Bay pollutes our neighborhoods, fouls our water, land, and air, and accelerates the climate crisis. We need a just and equitable transition that provides training, job opportunities, and funding for energy workers to contribute to sustainable and regenerative solutions instead of furthering our dependence on an extractive economy.

Come out to the No Drilling Contra Costa Youth March and Rally taking place on Saturday, March 12th, 1-3 PM at the Antioch Community Center. RSVP here.

Attend the Rally!

If you can’t make it, you can also donate to the legal fund. Yes, a lawsuit needed to be filed to correct this violation of CEQA requirements. Read the news coverage here. Help set a statewide precedent to stop drilling – donate here today!

Support the Lawsuit

Thank you for all you do for social justice and a livable future.