“Our planet’s health determines the path of justice.

350 Bay Area is building movement capacity with a cross generational community that reaches every corner of the Bay Area. We’re focusing on justice in our work in a way that prioritizes frontline and fenceline communities. We’re ambitious and respectful. We’re innovative and inclusive. We’re a home for the climate curious and die hard eco-warrior.

Our planet’s health determines the path of justice. For me, organizing with 350 Bay Area is a way to mobilize and act in my community to chart that sustainable path that is rooted in environmental liberation.” – Nik E

“Grassroots activism, and 350 Bay Area specifically, are something I care about because they empower the community and foster a sense of public participation and ownership. The work that 350 Bay Area does gets people educated, engaged, and fired up on a personal level, which is so important when dealing with the climate crisis because we ALL have something to lose if no progress is made.” – Hanna V

“I care for the environment & the rapidly changing climate, and 350 Bay Area gives a great platform to voice my concerns, bring climate awareness to the citizens and make our elected officials work towards the solutions for a cleaner air, water & earth” -Pri D

“350 Bay Area and 350 Bay Area Action focus on solutions for addressing the climate crisis, providing straightforward ways to take meaningful action to address the problem, in my own backyard and at the regional and state level. Working with our large team of passionate and capable volunteers to make a difference provides a supportive community and jolt of optimism we all need as we address serious, fundamental issues.” – Laura N

“I’m a donor and volunteer for 350 Bay Area. I donate because I want the planet to be livable for my family and future generations and believe that 350 Bay Area’s local grassroots outreach, action and advocacy are critical to ensuring that it will be.” – Kelly H

“Our magnificent diverse blue planet is under enormous human stress that will negatively impact future life on our planet.  We need organizations like 350 Bay Area and Bay Area Action that bring deep policy knowledge of effective climate change initiatives with the ability to mobilize thousands of people to act on improving our environment for all of us, starting with communities of color.  I am excited that when we work collectively we can change the direction of the planet, and leave a more healthy and equitable planet for future generations and species.  Please join me in financially supporting 350 Bay Area.”  – Bob Z

“I’ve been passionate about taking action against climate change since junior high. My mindset has always been, “Why should I not do something?” Volunteering for 350 Bay Area has been a great way to lend my skills to the climate movement.” – Hayden A

“350 Bay Area and other grassroots organizations are the ones in the trenches. We’re the ones listening to and building a movement based on the voices of the community – because we are the community. We focus on solutions driven by the people that will be most impacted. Grassroots work is the definition of staying grounded when you’re fighting for something you care about.” – Christine N

“It never ceases to amaze me how much heart and love my fellow activists put into this work. If it weren’t for this huge network of people who care enough to volunteer their time, I never would have had the support and inspiration to get started on my own path as a change maker!” -Jeremy B

“350 Bay Area is a truly amazing organization. I’m so honored to work with the hundreds of volunteers who care so deeply about making the Bay Area a model of sustainability, and creating the future we all deserve: one that puts people over profit, and centers justice and health for all.” – Nan F

Join this amazing team! go to www.350bayarea.org/volunteer