About Our Team

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Current SC Members (as of 1/1/2017):

First Last SC Role Additional Roles
Jack Lucero Fleck Co-Treasurer Beyond the Pump Campaign
Rand Wrobel Communications Coordinator Co-Treasurer
Deborah Silvey Divestment Campaign Rep
Lisa Alteri Renewable Energy Campaign Rep
Ken Jones 350 Marin Rep Fundraising
Eleanor Ash Volunteer Coordinator
Amy Allen 350 East Bay Rep
Carla West 350 East Bay Rep
Richard Gray 350 Marin Rep Fundraising
Shoshana Wechsler Sunflower Alliance Rep
John Anderson 350 San Francisco Rep
Frances Aubrey Outreach Coordinator, Faith Outreach
Elena Engle 350 San Francisco Rep
Darcy Sweeney 350 Sonoma County Rep
Jane Vosburg 350 Sonoma County Rep


Rand Wrobel

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Ken Jones

Ken represents 350Marin and is involved in a variety of campaigns, including 100% Renewables/Clean Energy, BayCap, Legislative, and Fossil Fuel Resistance. Since his days in high school he has been fighting for the environment and justice, but is now sure that the...

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Jack Lucero Fleck

Treasurer and Transportation Lead Jack is a co-founder of 350 Bay Area and has been on the board since its founding in 2012.  He is a transportation engineer and planner with 30 years of experience in the field, retiring as San Francisco's City Traffic Engineer in...

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Richard Gray

Richard Gray has a long history of community involvements including community planning, environmental education, social and political organizing.  He joined 350 Marin and 350 Bay Area in 2013 and soon became a Steering Committee member of both groups.  His initial...

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