What a moment we’re in.

It’s an important moment for sure, a time for us to work towards justice in very concrete ways, a time to reimagine pretty much everything, a time to show up in support of Black Lives. 

Friday is Juneteenth, the day we commemorate the ending of slavery in the US. Please join us in finding ways to support this celebration, and to show up in huge numbers to support racial justice, and to end state sanctioned police violence.

You know by now that the impacts of COVID fall most heavily on Black, Brown and Indigenous  communities,… and that’s by far. You probably know that the impacts of climate change also fall and will continue to fall most heavily on those same communities. Though those climate impacts will continue to get worse, the impacts right now are huge and often deadly. This is why justice issues are at the center of addressing the climate crisis.

Here are some ideas for showing up for Juneteenth. (Quick aside to acknowledge that showing up takes lots of different forms during this pandemic. Stay safe!)

Of course the efforts to bend the arc towards justice is hard, long, and frustrating, so it’s not just about one weekend. But what a weekend this is! 350 Bay Area has pledged to support the M4BL, and we hope you can join us in that, this weekend and beyond. 

For justice and peace, and making sure we can all breathe,

Laura and the 350 Bay Area Team