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The time has finally come. No more excuses.

Ignoring the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ unanimous vote to divest from fossil fuels, the San Francisco Retirement Board has deferred their vote six times since 2013. Enough is enough, San Francisco must divest now.

No matter where you live, come to the January 24th San Francisco Retirement Board meeting when they will FINALLY vote on full divestment of community-sickening, climate-destroying, pension-cratering fossil fuels. New York City already did it. No more foot dragging. It’s time for San Francisco to divest. The day before he passed away, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee proclaimed his support for divestment. This past September, the San Francisco City Attorney announced the City is suing fossil fuel companies for damages due to the impacts of climate change. It’s long past time for the San Francisco Employees Retirement Board to step up and align with San Francisco’s values and with the well being of every living thing on the planet. If we were rats would we invest in rat poison?

RSVP if you can come – We need EVERYONE at the meeting to build maximum pressure on the Board and drive home the message that the public cares about this issue and hasn’t given up over their years of negligence and delay. If you’ve been planning to take a couple hours off work to resist sometime, this is a good time to do so. Getting a final vote on our ultimate goal is very exciting, but if it goes down, that’s it for full divestment for at least a few years! So we need to rise to the occasion.

11am Press Conference:

  • London Breed “would like to speak”
  • SEIU 1021 (Joseph Bryant or Martha)
  • Keith Baraka, Fire Dept and DCCC
  • Tom Steyer, will “try to make it”
  • Former BOS Sofie Maxwell, “fought Nuclear Power plant in her district a number of years ago”
  • Malia Cohen, BOS and SFERS Board Commissioner
  • John Avalos for Fossil Free SF
  • someone from
  • Defund DAPL –  Isabella Zizi, INM
  • Linda Weiner for the Sierra Club

1:00 SF Retirement Board meeting and Divestment Vote

Whether you can attend/speak or not, anyone can send email to the Commissioners [pension board trustees] and SFERS staff via a message to  Simply ask them to divest from fossil fuels.

Two great op-eds: Fossil Fuels Are Toxic Assets & Time for SF to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Let us know you’re coming, RSVP if you plan to attend.