Attorney General Xavier Becerra
Office of the Attorney General
1300 “I” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-2919

Dear Attorney General Becerra,

Thank you and your legal team for initiating and continuing with a legal suit in collaboration with sixteen other states to challenge the EPA’s plan to abrogate California’s right to set higher gasoline-efficiency standards than the federal government. Your steadfast opposition to this illegal action is important to the defense of Californians’ and other Americans’ health and to the world’s climate.
Your courage inspires hope to resist, the current administration’s refusal to improve federal auto efficiency standards. Their proposed plan slams the brakes on improving federal standards, bringing us back to the 1980s and keeping those smog-producing standards through 2026. That plan was a small improvement on levels set in 2007. And when the 2007 levels were set, U.S. car fuel efficiencies had not risen significantly since 1983. (1,2)
Car exhaust is the biggest source of the carbon the US forces into the atmosphere, and that makes gasoline a major culprit in the climate emergency. We must cut those emissions as fast as possible, not roll back to the eighties. Their plan to aggravate this injury by forcing states to lower their own standards would be a climate disaster.
As a Californian, I am proud that for over 40 years we have set tougher tailpipe emission rules than the federal government, and led the way for a dozen other states to do the same. More than 100 million people’s air is cleaner now than it would be without our standards. We must not let the administration revoke our right to auto-emission rules different from those made in Washington.(3)

Thank you and stand strong,

3. APR 27, 2018