On Wednesday a panel of officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency held a “listening session” on its effort to repeal the Clean Power Plan – an Obama administration policy aimed at combating global warming that was first proposed in June 2014 by the EPA itself. The plan, which puts a cap on carbon emissions from power plants and promotes clean energy, is widely expected to be eliminated under President Donald Trump.

Hundreds of angry and concerned citizens crowded into the SF Public Library main branch to witness a steady stream of politicians, physicians, scientists, and other energy and environment officials speak in defense of the plan. As reported by the SF Chronicle:

“We in California have already made our choice. Our future is in clean energy,” Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, told the EPA panel. “We are already realizing the vast economic benefits of moving to newer, cleaner technologies, and not clinging to those of the past. And we are doing our part to rise to the challenge of addressing climate change,” she said. “Now more than ever is the time for the United States to be a leader and a partner in this effort.”


Matthew Rodriguez, secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, told the panel Wednesday that state programs designed to bolster renewable energy have not only reduced emissions 10 percent since 2004, but the state economy has boomed, with unemployment dropping from 12 percent to 5 percent.

More inspiring was the scene outside, where amongst others, 200 children marched and protested, rightfully demanding action for the sake of their quality of life. Be sure to check out the video included in the Chronicle article as well as the local ABC affiliate for coverage of the kids.

The EPA will hold one more public hearing in Gillette, Wyoming but anyone can submit an online comment until April 26.

You can find additional coverage on ABC News (via Associated Press), as well as on KQED and Mother Jones.