Find out who your county representative(s) is/are on the BAAQMD Board of Directors here (some counties have multiple reps) and write your own letter to them – sample letter below.

Dear Director __________

As a resident of ________ , you represent me on the Board of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. I want you to know that I am very concerned about a racial and environmental injustice that you can help correct.  I am writing to request that you support the “Cat Cracker” Rule 6-5 when it comes before the Board on June 2. 

With the exception of Valero in Benicia, our East Bay oil refineries lack emission control equipment called “Wet Gas Scrubbers,” that refineries around the country have used for at least fifteen years.  As a result, a million mostly people of color who live near these refineries have for years disproportionately suffered from respiratory, circulatory and heart disorders, cancer, asthma, and early death. This injustice can and must be stopped.

Please dismiss the objections of the oil refiners that this retrofit is too expensive.  It is shameful that the Bay Area has for so long not required the same protections as the majority of refineries in the US provide to their neighbors.

Please see that the strongest Rule 6-5 is implemented as quickly as possible.

Thank you,