350 Bay Area has been informing the press about rooftop solar developments of late. See below for the two pieces of press, released earlier this month.

Rooftop Solar Backers Voice Concerns about CPUC Vote

Laura Neish, executive director of the nonprofit 350 Bay Area, said she thinks this could be “the beginning of the end” for small-scale solar. “When homeowners are not adequately compensated,” she said, “they will stop putting solar on their roofs, which will diminish the amount of relatively cheap distributed energy, and eliminate the benefits of that from the grid of the future.”

Read the full article by the Public News Service here.

Cal Matters: Public utilities commission is working against California’s climate goals

Rooftop and other small solar projects are an important part of the state’s future energy grid, not just benefiting their owners, but providing stability, resilience and key services to everyone. Given rooftop solar’s importance to us all, it is extremely disappointing that the California Public Utilities Commission unanimously voted last month to significantly reduce the value small-solar owners are credited for their energy contributions to the grid. 

Read the full OpEd by 350 Bay Area Executive Director, Laura Neish, on Cal Matters here.