Our Programs


Similar to how everything on Earth is interrelated, all programs at 350 Bay Area must work together to address the climate crisis. We have identified our programs around the specific issues they address, but many work in conjuction with one another, along with affiliated groups and allies. View them below:

Highlighted Local Group Programs

Affiliated Groups

  • Youth vs Apocalypse (YvA) began as a program of 350 Bay Area, and has since become it’s own organization. YvA, led by young people ages 10-18, organizes events and protests to get young people involved in climate  justice action.
  • ClimateSparking enables young adult climate advocates, now volunteering, to work full-time on climate solutions.  ClimateSparking matches them, as Project Managers, with Sponsors, who pay them, and with Mentors, who advise them. 350 Bay Area is working with ClimateSparking to offer opportunities to youth.
  • Sunflower Alliance is a separate organization and has two representatives on the 350BA Policy Team. The organizations overlap in membership and are both aligned to fight climate change.  
  • 350BA’s Divestment Campaign morphed and combined with other folks to form the statewide organization, Fossil Free California. (FFCA), which is closely aligned with 350BA.