In the wake of the holiday season, a lot of us are feeling refreshed after spending time off, visiting with family, and celebrating the new year. Unfortunately, not all Californians had the privilege of a happy holiday. On November 8th, the infamous Camp Fire started and tore through Northern California for 17 days, ending after Thanksgiving. The fire killed almost 50 people, destroyed over 6,000 homes, and caused close to 10 billion dollars of damage.

As investigators look into this tragedy, they believe the main suspect is the power source of a large portion of Northern CA: PG&E. Here is a timeline that gives an overview of Camp Fire and how our local utility provider, PG&E, has become involved.

While this story is still developing, Cal Fire, the statewide fire relief agency, is yet to determine the cause of Camp Fire. The Public Utilities Commission is also conducting an investigation into PG&E’s safety practices, and is seemingly less willing to allow a bailout – but only time can tell. Many environmentalists are using this opportunity to speak out against a utility monopoly and PG&E’s reluctance to move away from fossil fuels.

Real photo from ABC 7 News

-Casey Loosbrock