We are the Mobilizing Team

a platform for youth and young adults to take tangible, collective climate action to bring about social change in a fight we have a clear stake in. 

Our Philosophical Framework

  • “Youth” are people who will face the effects of climate change for the majority of our lives. Is this you? Join the Mobilizing Team (click here)!
  • Young people and front-line communities have the most legitimate voices in climate and environmental justice, as we are the most affected.
  • Youth have an untainted perspective of where societal priorities should lie. We are not influenced by markets, profit, and politics. What matters most to us is a livable future.
  • Youth experience the urgency of the situation more, having grown up with climate change as a reality and having to deal with worsened effects for longer.
  • Youth have their own answers and much to contribute, as those who have come before have left climate runaway unabated.
  • Youth under voting age and age to hold office must take direct action, since it is our only means of making our voices heard.
  • Climate change is the world’s most serious, all-encompassing problem but solutions to it can offer unbounded opportunity, especially for justice and equity.

Upcoming Events


Hosted monthly. Stay tuned for the next one.

Weekly MT Meeting on Tuesdays from 5-6pm.  Join the Team Here.

Book Club meets every six weeks. All ages welcome. Join the Club Here.

Our Goals


  • develop young leaders in the climate movement with cross-generational mentorship
  • communicate the urgency of the situation and the compounding impact on our lives
  • organize actions that engage the public and draw attention to climate-related issues
  • amplify ongoing climate work of 350 Bay Area and allied environmental justice groups
  • bring the youth perspective into all of our work
  • put a spotlight on the need to reprioritize all social structures  to address the climate crisis
  • create a strong and vibrant community to support the difficult work

Sub-Teams Get it Done!



Making strategic actions for climate justice. We create and implement direct actions for climate justice. We also make actions accessible and easy for the public to participate and mobilize.


Telling the world what we’re up to and why it matters. We amplify youth voices and share inclusive stories through social media, the press,  newsletters and more.


Community Building

Creating community for our organizers. We organize internal bonding events, activities and opportunities to connect.

People Power

Recruiting, engaging and welcoming new volunteers. We’ll get you set up on a team, and ensure you have everything you need to fully participate in our campaigns.


Deepening our ties in the community by showing up for local groups and coalitions. We attend and amplify allied events and actions and keep in touch with organizers.

Current Projects


Reflections, an ongoing project

Why do you care about curbing climate change? Do you care about climate change because it affects your future, those you love, the plants and animals,  all of the above or something else? We’d love to hear your Reflections! Submit a written piece (like a poem or blog post) or an art piece (drawing, photo, video) to share your thoughts and feelings in this current moment. Accepting submissions on a rolling basis – Click here to submit your reflection!

Blog on Successful Climate Organizing

Sadie, MT member, interviewed Jack, long time climate organizer, asking: “what makes for successful climate organizing?” Read the full blog here.

Book Club, Open to the public

You’re invited to join our book club! Last month we read Naomi Klein’s On Fire and we aim to read a book each month. Fill out this form to read, discuss and get inspired with us. 



A new podcast is in the works!

350 Rising: Climate Talks is a podcast about all things: climate, youth activism, and people power. We’ll be interviewing experts in the climate field, talk about ways that you can take action, and tell critical stories. Through this podcast, we hope to make climate action accessible to all people, bring complex topics down to earth, and get grounded in the grassroots movement for our future. (sneak peak: one of our first episodes will feature Jed Holtzman!) 

Power Hours

A virtual space where we take collective action for climate justice! Our agenda includes important actions we can all take right now, from making phone calls to demand the release of arrested climate activists to emailing our representatives on upcoming climate bills to supporting GOTV efforts. Subscribe to 350 Bay Area to get alerts for the next one.

Meet the Team



Hey everyone! I’m Lily and I’m an Environmental Engineering student who loves the outdoors and doing archery in my free time. I work as a project manager in Marin and am currently helping the MT create a podcast.


Hi everyone! My name is Clevian, I am a Bay Area native who enjoys hiking, beaches, and live music. Within the MT, I am focused on developing actions that our community can take to fight for climate justice.


Hi, I’m Dom! I’m a Data Scientist and recently left my job at a large technology company to spend more time and energy building the world that I want to live in. I am outside as much as possible and love places where the Earth is able to show her might – mountains, oceans, and winter in Minnesota.


What’s up! I’m Emily and I’m a high school senior who has a passion for our planet! You can usually find me going to the gym or playing video games in my free time. I also have plans to study Sustainability in college.


Hi everyone! My name is Belinda and I’m a senior in college studying History of Science. I love making Spotify playlists, going on long walks, and making smoothies. Within the MT, I focus on building up communications and finding new ways to tell climate stories.


Hi, I’m Jesse! I’m a student at College of Marin studying Social & Behavioral Sciences. I enjoy the outdoors, music, and watching Bay Area sports. On the MT, I take actions to address climate change and help create a sustainable future.


Hi, I’m Amy! I’m an Environmental Scientist interested in urban agriculture and natural habitat restoration. I love to travel and explore but I’m a homebody at heart.


Greetings! My name is Kimberly and I am an educator dedicated to building a vibrant future for me and my students. I love immersing myself in nature, creating, and practicing art. I am currently working on Education Programs for the MT.