Climate change is currently harming all of life on Earth. Many Bay Area residents are already experiencing the dangerous effects of sronger and longer lasting heat waves, drought, unhealthy air and water, and toxic emissions that result from refining and using fossil fuels. Join an interfaith climate action group to learn how faith communities can work together to address these and other issues and become better stewards of our part of the Earth here in the Bay Area.

We engage in various enviromental and social justice activities, we participate in climate marches and events, and we work to persuade local and state legislators that climate change and its effects are a clear and urgent moral issue. Recent activities have included supporting the No Coal in Oakland coalition and organizing and staffing the Interfaith Tent at the Peoples Climate Mobilization at Lake Merritt April 29, 2017. We regularly ally with other like-minded organizations such as 350 Bay Area, Sierra Club, and Citizens for a Better Environment.

Currently there are three interfaith climate groups, the Alameda County Interfaith Climate Action Network, The Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action Network, and the Contra Costa County Interfaith Climate Action Network. All are working groups of California Interfaith Power and Light and meet monthly. Other interfaith climate action groups are being formed.

For more information about existing and future groups, contact Frances Aubrey,