350 Bay Area is made up of a dynamic team of specialists in their filed. One of these awesome activists is Laura, 350 Bay Area’s Executive Director; read about her work and passions below.

What inspired/inspires you to work for action on climate?  
    When I was growing up, our family motto was “We leave places better than we found them,” and this became part of the fabric of my being. We have all of the information, motivation, and technology that we need to solve the crisis caused by deciding not to clean up our own mess. What inspires me: it’s a solvable problem, with tremendous upside, and it’s the right thing to do, and a necessary one in order to take on the rest of the fundamental problems we need to solve. And, if we don’t solve it, the results will be catastrophic.
Why 350 Bay Area?   

    First of all, we have an amazingly talented and dedicated team of volunteers and staff, and we motivate each other to keep going. Second, we are ideally placed to have an outsized influence: California looks to the San Francisco Bay Area for innovative solutions, and the world looks to California.    We are an effective organization with a unique approach in the region: we play a leading role in collaborations to mobilize mass action, and we bring expertise to the table. Our volunteers and staff have an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge about emissions-reducing policies and the entities that hold the authority to implement them. From the California legislature, to our regional Air District, to the Public Utilities Commission, 350 Bay Area has the commitment, expertise, and savvy to make change happen.


   350 Bay Area plays a leading role in building the crowd swell demanding action. We are frequently a catalyst: identifying, clarifying, and leading on key issues. We are frequently a collaborator: working with allied organizations in a targeted way to accomplish a focused mission. And we are always a supporter of those seeking to address injustice, both environmental and social.

Which climate solution are you most excited about and why?  

    Well, we’re going to need all of them, and it’s hard to choose just one. Right now there’s so much innovation on the transition to 100% clean energy that it’s exciting to watch. Prices for wind, solar, and storage are coming down far more quickly than expected, driven by scale and innovation, and the more jurisdictions that pass 100% clean energy targets, the more likely the solutions will be found to get there sooner rather than later. We also need to electrify our activities, and Tesla really changed the game when they created an aspirational EV. The excitement generated by the Tesla spark could lead to a very rapid shift away from gas-burning cars.

    It turns out that we’re already too late to rely exclusively on emissions reductions, and will need to take a significant amount of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Research into regenerative agriculture techniques points out a huge multiple win scenario from no/low till approaches: possibly game changing levels of carbon sequestration, more productive soil with better water retention, much lower need for environmentally harmful inputs, and better protection for topsoil.
What do you do for your career?   

    Before working in climate activism, I was a management consultant and also worked with a small private equity fund. During that part of my career, I consistently worked with community non profits.

Other than climate activism, what do you do for fun?
    Climate activism is fun, of course, but sometimes we need to take a break. I hike nearby, cook, hang out with friends, and read extensively.