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Telework: Benefits, Best Practice, and Pitfalls.

Thursday, September 17, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join us for an expert panel discussion on best practice and the benefits of Telecommuting for workers, employers and the environment.

About this Event

Hosted by 350BayArea and 350 Silicon Valley.

With the onset of COVID19, many employees had to work from home, maybe for the first time. Companies are now reviewing if they should implement more permanent policies. In the Bay Area, we saw an initial decrease in traffic of 60 -70%, which in turn reduced carbon emissions by 26% and we all saw first-hand the definite reduction in smog and the clearer skies.

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What did we learn from this forced transition?

  • What are the benefits or the negative impacts for employers and employees?
  • Best practice: Pre and post-Covid.
  • What about the people who can’t work from home? Can they benefit from this societal change?
  • Can the positive environmental benefits be retained and how do we do that?

Looking at this through the lenses of policy, business, people, and environment our panel of experts will discuss these questions.

Speakers :

  • Kate Lister, GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics
  • Cindy Chavez, Vice-Chair of BAAQMD and BOS for Santa Clara County
  • Carl Guardino, Executive Vice President of Bloom Energy.

Kate Lister is a recognized thought leader on trends that are changing the who, what, when, where, and how of work. She is president of Global Workplace Analytics, a research-based consulting firm that has been helping organizations optimize the employer, employee, and environmental outcomes of remote work and other workplace strategies for more than a decade.

Carl Guardino serves as Executive Vice President of Bloom Energy. Formerly, he served as CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a public policy trade association that represents more than 350 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers. He is also a four-term gubernatorial appointee on the California Transportation Commission. Known throughout the region as a consensus builder, Guardino has championed a number of successful ballot measures, especially in the areas of transportation and housing.

Supervisor Cindy Chavez is President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors representing more than a half-million people in East, Central, and South San Jose. She is also Vice President of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Cindy is championing the BAAQMD Cut the Commute pledge.

Her visionary policies include everything from affordable housing; expediting the processing of rape kits to 30 days; improved services for foster children; health care for all children and an extensive women’s agenda and policies surrounding sexual assault, human trafficking& domestic violence putting Santa Clara County on the map.

RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/telework-benefits-best-practice-and-pitfalls-registration-118228473547