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Save Clean Energy – Call Your Senator Today

Monday, April 29 - Friday, May 3

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California’s clean energy program is at risk.

For the past two years we’ve worked hard –with your help– to ensure a 100% clean energy future for our state. SB 100, our groundbreaking clean energy law, which other states are now emulating, requires achievable goals – reaching 60% renewable by 2030 and 100% renewable by 2045 on our electric grid. But a vote last week in the state Senate Energy committee threatens our progress. 

The problem

The bill they approved (SB 386) would create a loophole for two irrigation districts, allowing them to count large hydroelectric power towards meeting their requirements for clean energy. California excludes large hydropower from our goals because the primary purpose of the program is to transform the electricity mix in California by reducing fossil fuel use and scaling up the use of clean, renewable energy (solar, wind and geothermal). If this bill (SB 386) were to pass, others would ask for the same exemptions, seriously undermining our clean energy efforts. 

The solution 

Call your state Senator right now, it takes five minutes.

Let them know you support SB100 and want them to vote NO on SB 386 (use this sample script-it’s fast!)

Hello, my name is <NAME> from <TOWN>. I’m calling to express my opposition to Senate Bill 386, a bill that would effectively gut our SB 100 renewable energy goals by allowing large hydroelectric dams to count their power toward our renewable energy standard. Climate change is an emergency and I expect California to lead the way in clean energy, not undermine our own progress. Can I count on Senator <       > to vote NO on SB 386 when it comes to the floor?  

To find your senator put in your address here  http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov 

  • Senator Bill Dodd         (916) 651-4003
  • Senator Mike McGuire         (916) 651-4002
  • Senator Scott Wiener         (916) 651-4011
  • Senate Nancy Skinner’         (916) 651-4009
  • Senator Steve Glazer         (916) 651-4007
  • Senator Jerry Hill        (916) 651-4013
  • Senator Bob Wieckowski     (916) 651-4010  


They may move to a vote as early as today so please call them now to defend 100% clean energy for California!

We must defeat this effort. Our statewide SB 100 coalition partners – health, faith, labor, environmental justice, mothers, climate, clean energy, business, and youth groups, have put out an urgent CALL for groups around the state to take action. As a constituent, your voice matters.


Monday, April 29
Friday, May 3