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San Francisco Climate Emergency Hearing

Monday, July 22, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

More details below, but here’s the gist:


For the Monday July 22 Hearing on Climate Emergency planning

Or contacting your supervisor in support of a bold plan (click the link at 350sf.org to find your Supervisor)

  • This outlines a good and reasonable plan. Thank you, SF Environment, for all your work.
  • Our task is going to be difficult and expensive!
  • If we are to be successful, the City must be unified in its purpose and must join together with citizens, labor, the underserved, other cities, regional bodies, the State — everyone — to make this happen.
  • You must carefully consider the needs of those who have lower incomes to make sure that the changes help and don’t hurt them, and to make sure that the labor needed to make these changes is well-paid and the jobs are equitably distributed.
  • This will be expensive! Making it happen it will take a lot of money. The city will need to budget for it and we will need bonds to finance it.
  • We know this is a hard job but we are in an emergency.


Tuesday night, SF Department of the Environment (SFE) released “Focus 2030,” the technical report called for in the Board of Supervisors’ Declaration of Climate Emergency. This hearing is the start to developing a climate emergency plan. There will be public comment (about 2 minutes per person).

Please comment! Real climate emergency action will take political courage. The supervisors will have to budget a lot of money and move a lot of city departments out of their comfort zone to make them work together. Our supervisors will need to hear again and again that this is what the situation and the voters demand.

What to say?  At this hearing, we need to make sure public comment isn’t used as a kind of bidding war for the public’s “most popular project”. Funding one or two top projects would be an excuse to continue business as usual and not deal with the full scope of the climate emergency. We need to say over and over again that the whole city government must work together and all solutions are needed. Please come and say it, too.

Many of us are passionately committed to certain great climate solutions, but at this planning step we are asking everyone who comments to advocate a holistic approach rather than specific projects.

Here’s what 350SF and collaborators will emphasize:

  • Collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources among City Departments, rather than competition
  • Funding before mandating. This is essential to:
    • equity: not disproportionately burdening vulnerable, low income, and historically disadvantaged communities
    • avoiding the false accounting of exporting emissions by pushing people out of the city.       (For example, people could be pushed out if they can’t afford to upgrade their homes or landlords do “cost-sharing” on upgrades to apartments).
  • Actively involving residents and businesses in creating successful solutions — including holding climate-related hearings at times when more working residents can attend (Not 1:30 PM on a Monday!) 
  • Ensuring that mitigation and adaptation work is equitably distributed and well-paid
  • Actively coordinating with communities and government entities throughout the Bay Area, California, the nation and the world

Feel free to just read the list above, or any part of it that speaks to you. If you mention your most passionate goal, please add something about the collaborative funding and equity plan needed to achieve that goal.

It’s OK to be late. The climate report is item 9 on the meeting agenda. It will begin with several presentations, from the Dept of the Environment and other city departments, and then public comment. 

Meet us at about 1 PM on the City Hall steps (Civic Center side) Look for our banner:




Monday, July 22, 2019
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


SF City Hall
1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102 United States
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