We at 350 Bay Area are excited about the positive climate impact of electric vehicles (EVs), and the local and national developments happening in the EV world. We know that EVs are only one part of the solution to our transportation puzzle and equity issues abound, but they are an important piece of the puzzle. We put together some resources on EVs and actions you can take on this critical emissions-reduction approach.

Things to Know About EVs

  • Car and truck transportation accounts for 40% of Bay Area emissions. EVs are a critical piece of our emissions reduction strategy
  • EVs are sold at 20+ local car companies and used models are now widely available
  • EVs may be less expensive than you think! EVs start at $18,000 and are often made more affordable by rebates and incentives 
  • With no gas expenses and fewer moving parts, maintenance is a lot less expensive. One study estimated that EVs cost less than half as much to drive as gas powered cars

Electric Actions

1. Consider going electric!

  • For EV information tailored to your location, budget and driving plans, go to Plugstar 
  • Want an EV but don’t know you would charge? Check out Plugshare’s EV charging map or mobile app to find charging options near you (or anywhere in North America).
  • Do you rent your home or apt? Use this sample letter to request that your landlord install a charger. If you notice neighbors with EVs, consider asking them to support a petition.
  • Don’t have a vehicle? Use the trip planner at 511.org or the transit option on google maps to find the best route. We love using the Transit app at transitapp.com to find out when the bus/train is *really coming (rather than when it’s scheduled to come)

2. Get a discount!

  • Drive Clean Preferred Bay Area Pricing Program offers discounts on popular electric cars and plug-in hybrids.Preferred pricing campaign runs November 1 – December 5, 2020. Limited quantities. Sign up for priority placement. By signing up, there is no obligation.
  • The City of San José has partnered with Capitol Chevy, Capitol Hyundai, Capitol Kia, Premier Nissan of Stevens Creek, and Stevens Creek Kia to offer extra discounts up to $3,000 on seven electric vehicle models from August 1 – October 31, 2020. Customers can stack these dealership discounts on top of local, state, and federal rebates for up to $13,000 in savings! Sign up here.

3. After going electric, you can donate your vehicle to benefit 350 Bay Area AND get a tax write-off.

Fill out this quick form and you’ll be contacted by email or phone by CARS. Then sit back! They’ll come pick up the vehicle and send you a tax receipt to file your taxes.

Have questions? Want to know more about any of the above? Email us at info@350bayarea.org