Dear Community,

It is enraging – and heartbreaking – that this needs to be said: Black Lives Matter. Because our culture and systems are acting as if they don’t. The murder of George Floyd is just one example in a tragic line of abuse of power specifically targeting people of color. This murder clearly exemplified the pattern of cold-blooded, intentional, and completely unnecessary acts of cruelty. Whether or not Mr. Floyd survived the encounter was clearly of no concern to the perpetrator or his colleagues. The impunity, the smug certainty that they would get away with it, that they would be supported in this murder by “the powers that be” is the gasoline to the flame. 

The system that oppresses and enacts violence upon black people, and indigenous people, and all people of color is the same system that puts out-of-control extractive capitalism upon a cultural altar. People need to come before profits and property

Police brutality is only one threat to communities of color; environmental racism also takes its toll as communities of color are disproportionately harmed by environmental toxins. Clean air, clean water and a stable climate belong to all people. Land, natural resources, and the atmosphere should not be used as a dumping ground and discarded with rampant disregard. 

We are fighting for justice. For people working on climate issues, we recognize that climate change will magnify all of the existing injustices on this earth. But right now we are focused on just this: Black Lives Matter.

Some ideas for supporting Black Communities:

In solidarity,

Laura and Nan for 350 Bay Area and 350 Bay Area Action