Bill McKibben. Falter: Has the Game Begun to Play Itself Out? New York: Henry Holt, 2019.

We need to do nothing less than change who we are, how we behave, and how we relate to the planet . . . . —Ricardo Salvador, The Union of Concerned Scientists

A leading writer, researcher, and activist on climate change, Bill McKibben has delivered a crucially important book. McKibben is painfully aware that the climate denial of recent decades has become“the most consequential lie in human history.” As a consequence, he contends,we humans now facethe supreme challenge: having to deal with a failing planetary ecosystem.Time is short, and the rules of engagement come from science. As we’ve been finding out lately, nobody breaks the laws of physics.

Fully three decades ago, McKibben’s The End of Nature(1989)offered a nearly warning about what was then known as “global warming”; today it might best be described as “climate chaos.”Drawing on the work of brilliant climate scientist James Hansen, this first book struck many readers—even many environmentalists—as overly bleak.Sadly, environmental changes since that time have validated McKibben’s prescient concerns…

 by Paul Rea, 350 Bay Area Contributing Writer