350 Bay Area is made up of a dynamic team of volunteers who not only help do the work, but lead the initiatives as well. One of these awesome activists is Jack; read about his work and passions below.

What inspired/inspires you to work for action on climate?  
     Climate chaos will cause untold human suffering.  Plus, it threatens civilization itself–thousands of years of music, art, culture and human striving to build a better world.  We could lose it all.
What do you work on at 350 Bay Area?   

    Transportation, Fundraising (I’m the treasurer), and organizing for events like RISE and other marches and rallies.

What’s your favorite 350 Bay Area story?

    We were desperate to hire an Executive Director–we needed someone to help administer our large group of volunteer activists.  But we could only pay (at best) half time, at a nominal salary.  Our search committee was stumped on how we would ever find someone.  But Laura Neish, who represents 350 Sonoma on the Steering Committee, quietly said, “I’d be interested.” We practically leaped out of our seats and said, “Your hired!”

Which climate solution are you most excited about and why?  
    I was excited by AB1745 which would have banned sale of fossil fuel vehicles as of 2040.  The bill didn’t clear its house committee this year, but we are strategizing how to bring it back next year or in 2020.  We would also like to move that date to 2030, but we agree that the 2040 date gives us a toehold.  Related to this effort to eliminate fossil fuel vehicles, I started a blog “solarpowerelectriccars.net” in 2011, but I haven’t had time to work on it lately.
What do you do for your career?

    Transportation engineer (25 years for the City/County of San Francisco–retired in 2010), bookkeeper, preschool teacher, truck assembler, and community organizer.

Tell us about your family, pets, garden, something else?…  
    I have two sons, both of whom live in LA and work in the film industry.  Brooks is a film editor and Ryan is co-director of Captain Marvel, due out in March, 2019