350 Bay Area Major Accomplishments


Just Released in September 2020!

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Below are some of our major accomplishments over the years…


We Shape Energy Policy

  • Thanks in large part to the work of 350 Bay Area’s Policy Analyst, Jed Holtzman, SF will shut down an oil field on property it owns in Kern County: 82 oil wells will stop production as of July, 2019. The decision was prompted by the Keep it in the Ground legislation passed in 2016, an effort led by 350 SF/350 BA. The land will be sold with covenants that ban fossil fuel extraction.
  • 350 BA is part of an alliance of community groups which pushed Berkeley to officially become the first city in the U.S. to ban natural gas in new homes starting Jan 1st, 2020.
  • At the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), we have legal standing to provide our input on several key issues. Our work there has successfully protected clean energy production in California, protecting rooftop solar net metering incentives and ameliorating efforts to hamstring the formation and operations of Community Choice Energy providers.
  • We blocked AB 813, a bill that would have linked California’s energy grid to coal producing states, exposed us to increasingly partisan Federal regulatory authority, and forced us to accept power from particularly egregious coal fired power plants.
  • We played an integral role in helping to pass SB 350 in the state legislature in 2015, supported Community Choice Energy program start-ups, and stepped up to become a legal “party” at the CPUC to advocate for continuation of a strong state-wide net-metering policy that incentivizes rooftop solar. To achieve this, we helped deliver 130,000 petitions from around the state in support of net metering, the most letters ever received by the CPUC on a single issue.

We Shape Emissions Policy

  • In January 2020 the city of Richmond banned the storage and handling of coal and petroleum coke in a three-year phaseout.  This means that Richmond will no longer be the source of one-fourth of West Coast coal exports to Asian markets. Read the full summary here.
  • At the Bay Area’s Air District, after successfully pressuring the Board to set a firm commitment of 80% reduction of carbon pollution emissions under their jurisdiction by 2050 and setting up a regional climate action plan, we continue to pressure staff to implement that plan.
  • 350 Bay Area led the effort to organize a climate town hall with elected officials, staff and community groups from cities and counties across the Bay Area, providing an arena for local elected officials to share resources as they develop plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We Shape Divestment Policy

  • We played a role in helping successfully pass SB 185, a first-in-the-nation state bill requiring the nation’s two largest state pension plans to divest from coal. Next step “divest the rest”.

We Empower Youth

  • The Youth Climate Strike and Rally organized entirely by youth on March 15th, 2019 was the largest youth march ever in Bay Area history. Our youth-led group Youth vs Apocalypse organized this successful action.
  • Youth vs Apocalypse, a diverse group of student leaders, played a significant role in shutting down the proposal to bring coal to the Port of Oakland.

We Educate

  • 350 Bay Area’s popular Electric Vehicle (EV) 101 class is always full!
  • 350 Bay Area’s Dirty Energy/Clean Solutions Climate Conference in 2014 was the first-ever grassroots climate conference featuring activists and leading scientists addressing technical and political climate topics in the Bay Area and beyond.

We Build Coalitions

  • We’ve helped successfully declare climate emergencies in Bay Area jurisdictions, sparking a movement that now includes 17 jurisdictions in the Bay Area and counting…
  • 350 BA helped bring 30 Bay Area elected officials, aides, and city staff from all Bay Area counties in July of 2019 to a strategy session in San Francisco to build for a regional Climate Emergency Mobilization summit.
  • We hosted a Statewide Convergence of all California local 350 groups (about 24 groups represented) in March of 2019. We shared skills, forwarded a statewide structure, and identified key issues to address in CA over the coming years.
  • We launched Fossil Free California, a statewide coalition calling for CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest from fossil fuels, on Global Divestment Day in 2015.
  • We formed and led CA Clean Climate Coalition which successfully helped pass SB 350, mandating 50% renewable energy and doubling energy efficiency in buildings by 2030.

We Mobilize Masses

  • On September 8, 2018 we were instrumental in helping mobilize the largest climate action ever on the West Coast to demand real climate leadership from the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) — ”to keep fossil fuels in the ground and move towards a just, equitable and resilient 100% renewable energy economy. . .” 30,000 people took to the streets of San Francisco for the RISE for Climate, Jobs, and Justice march.
  • For the Break Free from Fossil Fuels protest in 2016, we marched in LA with 2,500 people and many risked arrest at Porter Ranch, site of the huge methane leak.
  • We brought over 3,000 activists to the streets leading up to the COP-21 in Paris with the NorCal Climate Mobilization in 2015.
  • We hosted the largest Anti-Fracking Rally in U.S. History, in Oakland in 2015, with thousands from around the state in the March for Real Climate Leadership.

We Receive Awards

  • We received the Global Citizen Leadership Award of 2018 from the United Nations Association’s East Bay Chapter for our work to mitigate the impacts of climate change as it pertains to the human right of a livable climate.
  • We had our seven year anniversary! We are stronger now than ever with thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of supporters.

Thank you for being on the team!