Starting on January 20th, 2021 with the inauguration of the 46th president, join 350 Bay Area in taking 46 Days of real climate action addressing all levels of government and other key targets.

The Objectives of this campaign are to: Focus attention on climate priorities nationally and at the state and local level, Share and increase our knowledge about local climate issues and the solutions, Take direct action on climate issues and make action accessible to a broader public, Build the team and the climate movement and Hone our skills and strategy for 2021.

Week 7 FINAL theme: Civic Engagement

    • Sat, 3/6  at 11am SKILL UP for climate action. RSVP for the 350 Network Training Series. The first training is on 3/6 about Climate Justice, with other trainings on Strategic Messaging, Organizing and Movement Building, Policy Advocacy, and Strategic Campaigning over the coming weeks. No prior experience needed to attend.

Week 7 Final ACTIONS:

  • Tues, 3/2 at 5:30pm  GET TRAINED and ASK questions on how to meet with elected officials. Remember, they work for us! RSVP here. 

  • Weds, 3/3  TAKE a look back at our governmental and agency targets from the 46 Days of Action!

  • Thurs, 3/4 LOOK AHEAD to these March events:
    • Calling all folks who identify as youth and young adult: JOIN our “Meet the Mobilizing Team” call next week on Thurs, 3/11 at 5pm.
    • Everyone SAVE the date for Fri, 3/19 for the Friday for the Future Protest.
  • Fri, 3/5 Did you miss any of these events during the 46 Days? WATCH the recap videos here:
    • What does the new administration mean: federally, at the state-level, and locally? 12 min video
    • Letter to the Editor Training 4 min video
    • How Fossil Fuels Kill Us 9.5 min video
    • Eliminating Carbon Pollution – Where We’re Going 14.5 min video
    • Natural Gas in Homes – What to Know and What to Do 11 min video
    • Myth Busting Electrifying Your Home 53 min video
    • Move Your Money Chat – Divestment Basics 15 min video



Week 6 Theme: Vibrant Communities

    • Sun, 2/28  MOVIE night! 350 Bay Area member, Eric Simon, is a filmmaker who made a documentary called What to Do About Climate Disruption? Eric has a Masters in environmental management from Duke University and spent five years working for the state air quality agency in Sacramento, California. USE this link to watch for FREE on Sunday when the fee requirement will be waived for the 350 Bay Area community!

    • If you miss the free viewing opportunity, or want to contribute $5 to the filmmaker, here’s the standard video link. and website.


  • Weds, 2/24  RECLAIM our streets. JOIN a 350 Bay Area biking group in your city – sign up here.

    • Fri,  2/26  GREEN our cities. CHECK OUT Planting Justice and WATCH these videos:
      • Green Alleys video watch from 6:00-9:02
      • Living Alley 2 min video
      • Green Roofs 3 min video stop at 3:42


Week 5 Theme: Eliminate CO2

    • Sat, 2/20 STOP fossil fuel infrastructure expansion in the Bay Area at 1pm PROTEST the Novato Gas Station RSVP here for alerts/ more info.
      • Can’t make it to the protest?  PRESSURE the Novato City Council and Planning Commission to oppose the mega gas station – SIGN  the petition and EMAIL them using this email template. No need to be a Novato resident.
    • Sun, 2/21  ENJOY your Sunday!



  • Mon,  2/15 REDUCE carbon miles traveled. WATCH these videos on how:
    • Eliminate Carbon Pollution – Where We’re Going 14 min video
    • What makes walkable cities? 3 min video
    • How Barcelona is taking streets back from cars 5 min video
  • Tues, 2/16  PREVENT pollution from cars. For more background on the targets we need to meet, check out this CA Electric Vehicle Goals presentation.
    • SIGN the Center for Biological Diversity petition calling on Gov. Newsom to require 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030 
    • also SIGN the League of Conservation Voters petition calling on the Biden administration to to set new rules to transition to 100% zero emission new cars by 2035
    • Weds, 2/17  PREVENT pollution: EMAIL your City Council representatives to support the gas car phase-out. Use this letter template toolkit created by 350 Bay Area’s Transportation Team.

    • Thurs, 2/18 ELIMINATE carbon pollution
      • PLANT a tree!
      • WATCH Kiss the Ground, an inspirational documentary about how sustainable agriculture is an important solution to eliminating carbon pollution.
    • Fri, 2/19 ASSESS your personal consumption. It’s important that we recognize that the climate crisis cannot be overcome solely through legislation, but also with individual lifestyle changes!


Week 4 Theme: Follow the Money


  • Tues, 2/9  DIVEST our assets from fossil fuel investments. What’s divestment? Watch this video.
    • Only the Boards of CalPERS and CalSTRS can instruct the staff to divest. SIGN this petition asking CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest from fossil fuels! 
    • Also SIGN this petition to divest the CSU as well // Check out the Intro to Divest The CSU of Fossil Fuels! slide deck
  • Weds, 2/10 at 11am STOP BANKROLLING fossil fuel projects and companies. ATTEND our socially distant action in SF (RSVP here) at the (Oily) Wells Fargo Museum.  Join us to tell (Oily) Wells Fargo: End the Fossil Fuel Gold Rush!
    • Can’t make it in person? You can still contribute to taking down dirty banks online! REVIEW Chase Bank, the #1 funder of fossil fuel projects, with this handy toolkit.
  • Fri, 2/12  DEMAND that Autodesk cut ties with the fossil fuel industry.  Autodesk is a Bay Area-based multi-billion dollar software company which claims to promote sustainability while their software is being used on oil rigs and at coal mines… USE this toolkit to target Autodesk.
  • Sat, 2/13 from 11am – 11:30am  MAKE a personal change. RSVP for the MOVE your Money Chat. Join this live How-To session on divesting from climate-bad banks. Personal action to choose better banks is sending a clear message to dirty banks. Jane Fonda explains here.
  • Sun, 2/14 SPREAD the LOVE for public banks – they’re ingenious! You can also SHOW LOVE to 350 Bay Area’s Mobilizing Team here!


Week 3 Theme: Methane Gas is killing us

 Sat, 2/6  MAKE a personal change:



  • Tues, 2/2 at 12pm  Event Passed – Video coming soon 350 Bay Area Parents’ Chat: Natural Gas in Homes – What to Know & What to Do
  • Weds, 2/3 at 6:30pm  Event Passed – Video coming soon Myth Busting Webinar about Induction Cooking with Sean Armstrong from Redwood Electric. 
  • Thurs, 2/4 National Transit Equity Day
    • HONOR Rosa Parks and the Fight for Transit Equity by Joining the Community Hearing on Transit Equity
    • If you are taking public transit today, TAKE a picture of yourself on your ride, your destination or your route and share your story with us (you can reply to this email).
  • Fri, 2/5 ASK the CEC to require all electric new buildings as part of their next building code release. Sign here to get gas out of new building construction!


Week 2 Theme: Fossil Fuels Affect Our Health, Bay Area


  • Tues, 1/26  Passed events

Week 1 Theme: Fossil Fuels Are Killing Us



Informational Videos

What does the new administration mean: federally, at the state-level, and locally?

Fossil Fuels Are Killing Us – How Exactly