To kick off 2021 the Mobilizing Team sprinted a marathon over 46 Days of Actions to build community momentum around major climate and environmental issues in the Bay Area. The team drew on our volunteer power to tackle issues like dirty banks and fossil fuel pollution while keeping an eye towards our vision of a vibrant inclusive future.

To make sure our vision of the future was heard we strategized with local 350 chapters on setting up meetings with Congressional Representatives. The Mobilizing Team’s first big congressional meeting was a partnership with 350 Contra Costa to engage Congressperson Desaulnier (CA District 11- D). We organized a cross generational team that would address pollution from the refinery corridor as well as thanking the Congressperson for their leadership in the climate fight.

On March 18th the Youth-Led Mobilizing Team headed a delegation that met with Allison Johnson, Senior Legislative Assistant & Counsel to Congressperson Desaulnier. Our team shared stories of growing up in District 11 with scars of refinery flares, the loss of rolling meadows and last year’s “Red Sky Day.” Our team closed our meeting by learning from Allison about Desaulnier’s goals for a just transition for refinery corridor workers. We emphasized that the fight against fossil fuels has workers and families in the middle who deserve opportunities for good paying green jobs and or safety nets for early retirement.

Members from The Mobilizing Team and 350 Contra Costa met with Allison Johnson from Congressperson Desaulnier’s office

How did it go?

“It was refreshing and inspiring to be able to talk to a representative and figure out ways to come together to improve our community. The change required to alleviate and survive the climate crisis requires a complete transformation of our economy, so it makes me hopeful when we can have these conversations and partnerships, creating a better path forward.” – Costanza Gonzalo, 350 Bay Area Mobilizing Team Member

Stay tuned for future civic actions led by youth climate leaders! And reach out to us if you’d like to set up a meeting with your Congressperson by emailing

-Nik, Youth Climate Organizer staff at 350 Bay Area