350 Bay Area is Inspired by 350.org, but not part of 350.org

  • 350.org Founded by Bill McKibben + 7: Global org spearheading climate advocacy
  • 100’s of Local 350 Groups are inspired by 350.org, but not formally part of the  350.org organization
  • 350 Bay Area is called a “Regional Hub” made up of Local Groups in the area

Incorporated Organizations

  • 350 Bay Area (350BA) is a nonprofit corporation recognized in California and by the IRS., and recognized as a 501c3 (educational non-profit)  Donations ARE tax-deductible, are primarily for educational purposes, and have limits for lobbying. For more information on 350BA-CEF, see its website.

350 Bay Area works in association with

  • 350 Bay Area Action  (350BAAction) is a nonprofit corporation recognized in California and by the IRS as a 501c4 (non-profit, social welfare organization) like the Sierra Club or League of Women’s Voters.  Donations are not tax-deductible, as 350BA-Act actively lobbies for essential climate legislation.

Notice: Name Change

As of June, 2017, 350 Bay Area-related groups renamed themselves to better reflect their role.

  • 350 Bay Area (a c4 org) has become 350 Bay Area Action
  • 350 Bay Area Climate Education Fund   (a c3 org) has become 350 Bay Area.

Organizational Summary

350 Bay Area is a coalition of local groups in the Bay Area Region that have joined together to work on climate change.  This includes regional campaigns and regional events, conferences, etc.  The Board of Directors, known as the Steering Committee, (or “SC”),  is made up of 15 representatives drawn from local groups, regional campaigns and functional roles for regional efforts (such as Volunteer Coordinator, Communications, etc.). The Steering Committee meets monthly, but a five-member Executive Committee meets weekly.  It is made up of a rotation of all sc-ecsteering committee members and can make decisions on endorsements, sponsorships, expenditures up to $500, and other matters that come up.   We can also make email decisions when required.  These require a majority of the SC or EC to weigh in. If there is any dissent, an email decision requires 75% to pass.

The Steering Committee (The “SC”)

The 350 Bay Area Board of Directors, called the Steering Committee (the “SC”) are ultimately responsible for its operation. The SC votes in or out its own members and can modify the ByLaws and any decisions it makes. It meets monthly on the SC/EC Schedule (usually the 2nd Saturday of each month).  The SC currently has 15 members with founding members, and representatives of Local Groups (1 or 2), Campaign Teams and Functional Teams (Coordinators).

Local Groups Campaigns Coordinators
350 Marin Divestment/FFCA Speaker’s Bureau
350 San Francisco Fossil Fuel Resistance/ Sunflower Alliance Communications
350 East Bay Renewable Energy  Communications Operations
350 Sonoma County Transportation
Legislative Committee

Organizational Notes:

  • Sunflower Alliance is a separate organization and has 2 representatives on the SC. The organizations overlap in membership and are both aligned to fight climate change.  
  • 350BA’s Divestment Campaign morphed and combined with other folks to form the statewide organization, Fossil Free California. (FFCA), which is closely aligned with 350BA, and retains an SC seat.

The Executive Committee (The “EC”)

In between SC meetings, the Executive Committee (the “EC”) meets weekly (currently on Tuesdays at 6:30) to execute the policies that the SC has decided. The EC has 4 members, made up of SC members serving in rotation for 4 months at a time.  The EC can spend up to $500, can make endorsements, and can make most other decisions as it sees a need, but not on the membership of the EC or SC.  The EC will refer items to the SC for its next meeting, or if urgent, via an email SC vote.    To have the EC address a topic, contact the current EC Facilitator: Elena Engel:  elenajengel (at) gmail.com