The Transportation Campaign

The Transportation Campaign aims to reduce greenhouse gases in California, and the SF Bay Area in particular, from transportation by 40% by 2030 in accordance with State law.  Key measures to achieve these cuts include:

  • Cleaner Vehicles–electrify transportation with clean energy (regulated by the California Air Resources Board-CARB)
  • Transit–public transit, biking, and walking (managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission-MTC)
  • Other Climate Initiatives by MTC–carpooling, pricing parking to reduce single occupancy vehicles, and more
  • Clean Freight regulations–managed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

Transportation Climate Initiatives

Climate Initiatives include: California / Bay Area Road/Congestion Pricing for GHG/Congestion Reduction. SoCal Regulation XV (employer commute programs) ⇒ carpooling gained the most share 2030 Transport Vision Many Others...

Cleaner Vehicles

Cleaner Cars-- Working with groups like Plug-in America and Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association Advocating to the California Air Resources Board.

Transit and Government

We work with local, regional and state entities to improve public transit.   MTC, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, oversees transportation planning, financing, and coordination for the Bay Area.  This means that it has the responsibility to provide the...